The Top Trends in Women’s Shoes for summer of 2018


Temperatures may still be low but there is something we can predict now for the sunny days: the top trends in women’s 2018 spring summer shoes. For the spring season, the new trends are full of color and bright features and make us want to buy them soon or late. Let’s see the top trends above all.

# 1. Color in the shoes

The fashion colors that dominate this season’s clothes also apply to shoes. Lavender, yellow, bright red and the intimate blue are among the main colors we saw in the trends of women’s shoes forspringand summer of 2018.

# 2. Western trend

Oh yeah, it’s time. Cowboy’s boots are officially back, and the designers develop this idea with styles ranging from traditional to more fashionable. If these shoes remind you of something very old, be sure that you will find something that suit you best. Just visit a kjoler online shop in order to pick the most beautiful dress that suits perfectly with your cowboy’s boots.

# 3. Wear your shoes with socks

We refer to the high-heeled sandals where this style is included in the top fashion trends of 2018. If you still have not tried this style it’s time to do it because most fashion designers have proposed it as the ultimate fashion look.

# 4. Sports’ style

A taste of sporty style dominates all types of women’s shoes for the spring summer season of 2018. From now on, you can apply this trend to high heels and later to fit into the flat shoes. The sporting style has triumphed in recent years and finally, there  is a way to wear it even when you are not at work.

# 5. Crystal clear

It is the known naked shoe trend that is applied to the shoe itself or on its heels. While designers chose a more traditional form of trend, others expanded into new tracks, heel shapes and strapping techniques. Whatever way you choose, this trend will be loved a lot in 2018.

# 6. Glitter shoe

Designers wanted to remind us that there is this piece of fashion that always returns. During the fashion weeks all around the world, they showed bright, glittery shoes with surprisingly affordable styles: studs, sandals, platforms, boots and more. Take a glimpse of the bright spring summer 2018 women’s shoes!

Shoes with cords

Cords are everywhere! They are around the ankle, around the leg, and around the foot in general. It is an appetite to have a lot of color schemes! Pay a little more attention, if you have a thick leg, and find the binding that flatters you more.

Pink shoes

Pink is very fashionable for spring-summer of 2018 and you will meet it literally everywhere. In clothes, nails, handbags, makeup, sunglasses and shoes! The most in-fashion color.


It’s been since last year the mules have won the female audience and so they are out of fashion this year too. Beautiful designs, striking colors, comfortable heels are some of the mules’ characteristics. I think what every woman wants is this type of shoe.

Shoes in metallic shades

Last but not least, are the shoes in metallic shades. I personally think of old times and remember my mom to have furrows and shoes in metallic shades. If I exclude some very strong suggestions, I have to say that shoes in metallic shades are statement shoes and will be worn for a long time.

As you understand, the shoes’ variety is big and there is a type of shoes for every woman. Just choose the one that you like the most and be confident wearing it. It’s the best choice you are going to make.