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Watch Ya Mouth Game Pack For Adults And Kids

Bringing home Watch Ya’ Mouth is the first step in creating years of fun and memories to be shared with your loved ones. Includes 200 family-safe, family-fun phrase cards (ages 8+), 10 mouthpieces (6 regular for adults, 4 small for kids), 1 60-second sand timer, and instructions.

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Card games of yesteryear really helped pass the time, didn’t they? Now it’s time to get cheeky with it. Watch Ya Mouth Game, The Original Mouthguard Party Game, puts an irresistibly hilarious twist on phrase card gameplay. Our mission is—literally—to put the biggest smiles possible on faces around the world, from college campuses to family game rooms.

Watch Ya Mouth, The Original Mouthguard Party Game, is authentic and hilarious. Often imitated, never duplicated.
Hampered by cheek retractors, teams attempt to read and interpret silly phrases.

Watch Ya Mouth Game – Complete Base Game comes with:

  • 200 Durable Family-Friendly Phrase Cards
  • 10 Mouthguards
  • 1 60-Second Sand Timer
  • Instructions
  • 3-10 players
  • Ages 8+

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Mouthpiece Size

Mixed, All Medium



9 reviews for Watch Ya Mouth Game Pack For Adults And Kids

  • This was a hit at Christmas. My 8 year old nephew played with it non stop by himself . We had a really good time, lots of laughs and memories made!Its nice that they provide 2 mouth sizes in the box. for adults and kids. Although my nephew thought it was more fun playing with the adult size. Made it harder ha! The mouth pieces can easily be thrown in the dishwasher. Its a pretty simple game but a lot of fun!

  • This a very fun game to play. We played this at Christmas. There was so much laughing and having a great time. I would definitely recommend this game.

  • Family fun! I bought extra guards right away. Game comes with 8 (4 “smaller” 4 “adult”). We labeled them. Kids LOVED it. The only drawback is the limited number of phrase cards.

  • funniest game out there.

  • This game will make you laugh, and quickly. Great social ice breaking game. You’ll be friends quickly after playing this game together. I buy a bunch of these at a time and give them away as gifts. You’ll enjoy this game. It is a steal for the price. I recommend the family version for young people or mixed groups… the standard version can be a little edgy.

  • Funny game but I wish the sayings made more sense.

  • Had a blast with these

  • Omg so much fun Love all the new saying

  • Hilarious game!! We had so much fun playing at girls weekend.

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