How to choose the right watches of all


Size, shape and design are important aspects when you decide to buy a watch. Because I am nostalgic after the days when the men’s watch was an indispensable accessory, today you can read this guide. Maybe some other nostalgic wakes up and brings the style back in trend! You can buy your watch from a specialized watch store. When it comes to choosing a man’s watch, things get complicated. That’s because there are many options on the market, ready to satisfy all tastes and pockets. When choosing to buy such an accessory, it is important to think that you are making a long-term investment. In the following we will discuss about the criteria by which you choose your watch.

Obviously, there is more than one watch model on the market, making it a difficult choice. Anyway, let’s find out what these standard watch models are and see what and why it suits you.

Classic Men’s Watches

They are generally worn by elegant men who pay much attention to the way they appear in society. These men’s watches fit gentlemen who do not look at money when it comes to special finesse. When buying a classical watch, the gentlemen give the watch importance. The material from which it is made is a standard of elegance. Also, color is important, which is what can raise or lower an outfit, seemingly trivial.

Sports watches

They are the most common. Obviously, you do not have to be a performance athlete, so you can wear these models of men’s watches. In fact, to make it even clearer, men’s sports watches are so called, for the simple reason that they come with a casual design that makes them fit for the usual, comfortable outfit. In short, male watches are for the non-conformist and very practical men, whenever they are prepared for a great challenge. See more at this link.

Designer watches

These are watches dedicated to collectors, because they are the only ones who dare to buy them. Why? Because they are extravagant models, which allow them to be worn only in some special events that are out of the usual pattern. Speaking of collection patterns, obviously, the prices of these watches exceed the average. One thing is clear – wearing such a watch, you will get out of anonymity 100%!

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Smart watches

These are watches that incorporate a mini-computer into a watch and are the latest inventions in clocks. If at first smart watches only came with a sporty design, today you find these smart clocks in a stylish format.

These intelligent, male watches are generally worn by active people but especially athletes because they have a built-in GPS, synchronize with the mobile phone and have the ability to measure your heart rate, have water resistance and, Practically, it can work like a personal coach.

Choose the appropriate color for your watch

I have seen that the general trend is to choose a dial watch and a colored belt, but that’s not always the happiest choice you can make. Because do not forget, you have to keep in mind your personal style! If you have a classic style, do not choose anything colorful! The colors of the classic style are – black and white, the colors of the earth or non-colors. These are nuances that allow the matching of classical, business or formal costumes. Only if you have a smart-casual or casual style then you can choose men’s watches with dial and colored belt.

Choose a stainless-steel watch. Unlike leather straps, stainless steel ones are much more durable and affordable. They say they are accessible because they can be worn even in casual contexts. In addition, stainless steel watches are also waterproof.

Choose the right type and dimension

Another aspect that should concern you when you choose a man’s watch is its shape and size. Specifically, you need to consider the size when you choose a watch. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? I will immediately explain why it is very important, in fact! For a taller and more masculine man, a higher watch face will fit, and for the shorter, obviously a smaller watch face.

Quartz Watches

It’s for those who want a watch that can be relied on for a long time. Also, quartz men watches require minimal care. Their movements are very accurate and, apart from replacing the battery, you will not have to beat your head too much with it. But to know that the quartz watch batteries have autonomy for years.

Men’s Mechanical watches

Unlike quartz men’s watches that are automatic, mechanical watches are less accurate and require more attention because they need to be cleaned periodically. These watches are the work of professional watchmakers, and the mechanical movement of a clock is based on a complex series of small rotations that work together to show you the time. Over time, the design of these watches has not changed much, being a classic design. We cannot say the same about the mechanisms that have evolved and have shown more attention to detail.

More important than the price, one thing that you need to be careful about is the mechanism, which can be mechanical (automatic or manual) or quartz (with battery or solar). Those with quartz are cheaper. Their advantage is that they are more precise than mechanical ones. However, the very sophisticated mechanisms are appreciated at the latter, some of them being fine jewelry artists.

Important when choosing a watch is also the material from which the protection screen is made. It is often used plexiglass, which is cheap, mineral crystal, which is middle class and very expensive sapphire crystal, almost impossible to scratch.

An important aspect to be careful about is the material from which the watch case is made. Stainless steel, a quality material at a good price, is often used. There are also watches that use titanium or ceramics, which are a little lighter. The most extravagant watches are made of gold or platinum.