Du bleu et du blanc pour cette nouvelle tenue. Above is a little bit of a sneak peek into my suitcase, which contains a lot of the usual suspects that you may possibly have seen featured in my packing list ahead of our trip to the Maldives , in addition to a couple of wild cards (study: anything that isn’t black, white or grey).

From the ubiquitous Ken to the exotic Darius and absolutely everyone in-between, male models are as expressive and intriguing as their female counterparts. This module approaches couture from a broader perspective, exploring the complicated processes—from classic handcrafting to the use of new technologies—that go into the making of high-end and each day garments.

Ce perfecto en cuir Maje est le meilleur investissement que j’ai pu faire : la doublure intérieure est tricotée (elle se montre de temps à autre sur certaines images d’ailleurs), et c’est ce qui donne à la veste cette texture originale. En incorporant des contenus Twitter dans votre website Web ou votre application, vous acceptez l’ Accord Développeur et la Politique Développeur de Twitter.

I did some measuring and eye balling of my personal with the vinyl fence partitions to see how negative it was and I deduced that the post closest to the property to the middle must function and match fine. This New York townhouse is the best mix of higher design and approachability.

In this case I am wearing Red Valentino western-inspired boots with metal stars, and they are seriously 1 of the most gorgeous boots I’ve seen this season. Patterns are rendered blurry in precise brushings, needle-punched to the most unlikely partners, redirected onto hairies, plastics, empty spaces and doubles, and layered or superimposed on fabrics, leathers or accessories.