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1.Are you the original game?

YES.We were the first to market, and first to ship back in May of 2016.

2.How can I buy Watch Yo Mouth Game?

Head on over to our PRODUCT PAGE, and order as many laughs as you want!

3.When does my game ship!?

Your game should ship within 3-5 business days of placing the order.

4.What age is your game recommended for?

The game is recommended for ages 8+

5.How many players does the game support?

3 to 10 players.  You can mix multiple decks but you’re limited by the number of cheek retractors you have. Our main game comes with 10 mouthpieces/cheek retractors .

6.What sort of safety certs are associated with the cheek retractors?

(CE) and FDA (food-level) certified, eligible for ages 8 years old and older.

7.How long does it take to learn and play?

About 30seconds. Instant gratification time!

8.What size are the cards?

Our high-quality playing cards are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, thick, and laminated for a long life.

9.What size are your mouthpieces?

Our mouthpieces have two different size for kids and adults.

10.Will the game come in any other languages?

Only English for now, but we’d love to translate it to other languages.  Interested in helping?  CONTACT US and let us know!