Are You Going for Bespoke? Learn Some Essential Accessories and Clothing That Are Right for You!

By: liz west

Charlotte Stockdale was going to the 2016 Met Gala, and she wanted to make a grandiose entrance. As such, she commissioned Huntsman, the Savile Row tailor, in order to make a form-fitting ensemble of white tie and tails. It was a formal woman’s outfit from a style that was traditionally a man’s. Huntsman has fitted quite a few notables over the years, including Nicole Kidman, Daphne Guiness, Katharine Hepburn, and Coco Chanel. The stylist who turned into a fashion entrepreneur took advantage of the aura of authority and confidence that only comes with wearing clothing that is exceptionally tailored. Her sartorial pushing of boundaries also emboldened us. In the year of writing, suits were making a particularly strong showing for themselves on the runways of Paris and New York, making it time for people to enjoy the empowerment possible with bespoke attire and customisable or bespoke accessories. Once you get a suit jacket that is made just for your personal style and shape, handcrafted in a way that minimises its flaw while accentuating your assets, you’re not likely to return to off-the-rack options.

Greater Goods Means Chic Leather Accessories for All Occasions

Millineries are a favourite for customised goods, and they can create things like bespoke chic gloves, occasion hats and fascinators to buy online. However, patience is critical, as it can be three weeks before you see the delivery of the final product. This same brand can also customise gloves for different occasions. For instance, Centaurs have a made-to-measure programme covering its signature bags. As a buyer, you can choose from over two dozen colours for details and linings. Bags take about five months, and prices range from as low as £3,000 to as much as £100,000.

Asprey can customise hats, offering a tasteful and fashionable selection of options. To give clients a hand in making their choices, this British brand offers bespoke-services boxes through its online shop based in the UK which has samples of previous collections, any of which are designed to a customer’s specification. The brand’s many workshops handcraft the products.

Every Lady Deserves a Stylish and Tailor Made Suit

Huntsman, at the time of writing, was in its 169th year, and still among the top tier of tailors that were offering women bespoke suits. The process of ordering any suit from this London-based house begins with meeting a cutter to get measurements and to choose outlining, buttons, fabrics, and more. That happens either at the pied-a-terre the brand has in New York or in the flagship store of Savile Row. It’s also possible for one of Huntsman’s cutters to travel to many major cities around the world any time of year for a private meeting with a client. An initial garment typically necessitates three different fittings. A bespoke suit will vary in price but typically starts off around £7,400.

Cifonelli is the source to go for women’s bespoke suits in Paris, as it’s served a number of the planet’s best-dressed gentlemen for many decades. The Cifonelli House is currently run by fourth-generation cousins Lorenzo and Massimo Cifonelli. They meet with clients to take measurements and cut patterns sewn by an in-house team of artisans. Appointments happen in a salon that’s on the Rue Marbeuf. The pair of cousins is often riding on plane flights, as they travel to meet with other clients in locations ranging from Dallas to Singapore. Their suits start out around £7,000.

Isaia is widely considered an insider’s secret for truly Neapolitan tailoring. This men’s suit brand makes tuxedos and suits for women, and many ladies have been pleasantly surprised when they go with a male friend or partner to the shops located in San Francisco, New York, or Milan. Isaia can make women’s tuxedos, suits, and smoking jackets using its signature colourful and luxurious fabrics, doing things precisely to how the customer likes it. Their bespoke jackets start off at £3,925.


Sole Artist Offers the Coolest Possible Custom Kicks

John Lobb has spent roughly a century and a half making bespoke boots and shoes for women. Their process starts with a personal meeting involving the master bootmaker of the company, who takes quite a few foot measurements before hand-sculpting the customer’s foot shape into hornbeam wood. The process then moves on to creating and modifying a trial shoe before any final shoe gets handmade. This involved process runs up to a year, with prices starting off in the low £7,000 range.